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Windsurfing, sailing and water sport activities on Naxos are available in the nearby Laguna of Agios Georgios beach and at Plaka beach.
Kitesurfing for every level at Mikri Vigla beach.  Lessons are available or rent equipment and enjoy the wind!



Naxos hiking is a pleasure at any time of year, but especially in the spring when the footpaths wind through green and flowering countryside, or the autumn when the rural cyle of life turns to grape harvesting and distilling the local liquor, raki.

Explore the Tragea area with its fertile valleys, ageless olive groves and countless Byzantine churches. Call into the large village of Chalki to enjoy one of the traditional cafes or tavernas, or to visit a local gallery or workshop showcasing pottery, weaving, wood-caving and organic produce. Traditional villages like Damarionas, Damalas, Kaloxyolos or Moni remind you that many Naxians still live in a way now lost to many of us in our fast-paced lives. Hikes around Apiranthos or Koronos are slightly more challenging, rewarded with panoramic views over the islands' landscape to the sea and islands beyond.  We can offer you lots of first-hand advice, and see our 'Specials' page for more details about hiking holidays.



Rent a top-quality mountain or road bike to follow some of the trails recommended by local experts. Or just enjoy getting around the island on two or four wheels! We can recommend the best cycle agencies to assist you.



Horse riding can be booked at the hotel for treks through Naxos lanes and on the beach.



There are plenty of live music events in Naxos Island during the spring and summer months. There are live classical and traditional music events with a view to the magic blue of the Aegean Sea once or twice a week, in the Venetian Castle. Having a glass of wine while listening to live music and watching the performers with the deep blue or the sunset is a memorable experience! Local village festivals offer a chance to hear the traditional island music and join in the dancing. Jazz or other music can often be heard in various bars around the island.


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